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Face Care: Concept Coiffure

As the proverb goes: your face is your billboard. It is what you use to advertise yourself to the world. If you advertise yourself well, it has a positive impact on your work, love life and other relationships. However, your face is vulnerable to damage. Of course, the passage of years takes its toll, but there is more. The sun, pollution, stress, unhealthy habits and other factors can have a negative effect on your skin. Do not despair, though. Good face care can work wonders to rejuvenate your skin.


The skin in our faces can be damaged in a variety of different ways. All of these require a different type of face care. Some examples:

  • Wrinkles – wrinkles are a natural consequence of getting older. However, several contributing factors can make them a lot worse. These include smoking, exposure to sunlight and dry skin.
  • Acne – caused by hormones during puberty, but can also crop up in adults. Stress, sweating, humidity and too much washing can be causes of this.
  • Sunburn – as we all know, the sun can burn and damage your skin with too much exposure. Therefore, sunscreen is an essential part of a face care regimen.
  • Bags under eyes – dark circles under your eyes can make you look really tired. Lack of sleep can be a cause, but genetic factors also play a role.
  • Dry, red skin – caused by lack of hydration, unhealthy eating and/or cold weather.


At Concept Coiffure, we take face care very seriously. Our expert visagists know all about your skin and how to treat it. We will leave you refreshed and your visage noticeably healthier. We offer several face care treatments.

You can choose from three different facials. Our essential facial uses a special blend of essential oils. After this hour-long treatment, your skin will look healthier and feel more supple. If you specifically want to treat the effect of aging, our anti-aging facial is perfect. It uses antioxidants to restore the vitality of your skin. For men with busy schedules who do not have a lot of time for a face treatment, there is the vital gentlemen’s facial. This refreshing facial only takes 30 minutes.

Finally, we offer a special treatment for the eyes. Do you have bags under your eyes or lines around them? That can make you look tired and unfocused. Our intensive eye treatment uses oils and vitamins to firm up your eye contours and reduce lines.


Concept Coiffure is a high-end salon in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City. Beside luxurious face care, we offer a spa/ beauty salon, perfect haircuts and hair treatments, foot massages and nail care. To complete the experience, it is situated in a high-end villa on a quiet street. This is your oasis for personal well-being.




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