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Hair Salon: Concept Coiffure

At Concept Coiffure hair salon, we believe in a personalized haircut for everyone. Our expert staff will take into account your facial shape, fashion sense, taste and lifestyle to provide you with the perfect hair. In addition to this, at our hair salon we use the most modern and advanced products to color, restore and preserve your hair. In order to deliver the best possible results, we partnered with Italian top brand Alfaparf for this.


Beside a personalized haircut, our hair salon offers a plethora of services to really make you shine. This includes coloring, curling, straightening, protecting and restoring. No matter what your hair looks like now and what your end goal is, our hair specialists can get it done.


We are all born with a certain hair color. Luckily, we can change that if another color suits us better! At our hair salon, we can color your hair in different ways. These are all done by very skilled staff, with the best available products and techniques.

Of course, we can color your whole hair, instantly transforming your look. Another option are highlights, which bring the natural vibrancy of your hair to life. our hair experts can also do a balayage, which is a freehand highlighting technique. Because it is done by hand, it can range from soft, smooth lines to punky streaks. For a unique look, we can also perform an ombré, a gradual blending of two different colors.

After your hair has been colored, the specialists at our hair salon can treat it with olaplex. This is a product designed to protect your hair after it has been highlighted or colored. This helps repair damage that has been done in the coloring process and protect your hair going forward.


Just like hair color, hair type is no longer set in stone. Do you have straight hair but you feel that curls would suit you better at this moment? Come to our hair salon for an expertly done perm. If you like more free-flowing curly hair, a digital perm is the right solution. Do you have curls, but would you like straight hair? We will straighten your hair for you until it is silky smooth.


At Concept Coiffure hair salon, we do not stop at giving you the perfect, personalized haircut. We also believe it is important to repair damaged hair and make healthy heair more resilient. For example, this can be done with a Keratin treatment. By replenishing this essential molecule, your hair is strengthened. It immediately looks, feels and flows better.

Beside this, we offer several unique treatments for different hair types:

  • Joico k-pak hair repair;
  • Joico k-pak color therapy;
  • Joico moisture recovery treatment;
  • Myriam k anti-age treatment; and
  • Immortelle blonde 18k color preservation and repair.

For more information about our treatments and prices, please check our services page.


Concept Coiffure is a high-end hair salon in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City. To complete the experience, it is situated in a high-end villa on a quiet street. This is your oasis, not only for haircuts, but also for beauty treatments, skin care, foot massage and nail care.




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